TechniSourcing needs your cooperation

For an initial order or for long term subcontracting, external sourcing is a project and must be managed in the following way: 

The approach adopted by TechniSourcing will be tailored to your objectives

  1. It requires a large amount of real-time two-way communication. Each project should maintain a good rhythm.
  2. Due to the quality of the sub-contractors chosen by TechniSourcing, occasionally the client-supplier relationship can even inverse.
  3. Effective time management and realistic planning are a necessity, sometimes at the start of a project our support is required.
  4. A target price calculated by you accelerates the process.
  5. A dedicated contact with an official mandate from General Management is imperative.
  6. The French are very adaptable; however, they are also known for producing specifications that can diverge from the supplier’s requirements. During the first stage it is important to have specifications that are clear, consistent and concentrated in a small number of documents (digital indexed plans, specs, nomenclatures, frames, points of consideration, if applicable photos and/or samples). When we reject a file for these reasons, we are protecting your image as a client.
  7. In the event when we put you in direct contact with the factory under our supervision, payment terms, at least at the beginning, are very short and not easily negotiable. With time, a build-up of mutual trust is inevitable.

If you also share the above vision and strategy, you will increase your chances of success by a considerable amount!