Who are we ?

A great team, taking care your best interests

TechniSourcing was founded by François HUET (15 years of general management of affiliates within the Michelin Group, 11 years management within a French affiliate of the Dutch group ‘Ammeraal Beltech’)

Our company has a two-part structure, with France, and our supplier countries. This is a fundamental aspect, as our partner countries are technically excellent, our intervention is indispensable for ensuring that the project management is of high standard.

In France :

To maintain your margins our light structure in France consists around 3 to 5 project managers from engineering backgrounds. Their role is to follow your project from A to Z, informing you of real-time developments in the technical, commercial, logistical and documentational aspects of the project.

In the partner countries :

In each country, we have a locally placed TechniSourcing engineer, they oversee the selection of the best factories, as well as the work carried out by the local project managers and supervisors.

The factories :

Our 26 partner factories offer the following advantages:

  • They are at the summit of excellence in European technology
  • They are all certified ISO 9001, and 3 out of 4 are certified 14001, 18001, EN1090 2 exc3, EN 3834
  • We have used them for a long time, and we are a well-established client
  • They all have double digit annual growth
  • Their manpower is qualified, well treated, and are amongst the most competitive countries in Eastern European
  • Their overhead costs are limited
  • They cannot become your competitor
  • Our inspectors are welcomed very well