Turnkey stainless steel installations

Our factory is specialised in appropriately executing your complex turnkey installations.

Competencies and expertise of our factory:

  • 2 engineers in charge of general affairs and experienced in dealing with your problems. They come to you and propose solutions, they will run your project from A to Z
  • An internal design consultancy of 10 engineers (mechanical, process, automation) their role is to transform your functional requirements into technical specifications with detailed drawings. Partnered with an external design consultancy consisting of 20 engineers.
  • A structured quality assurance system
  • 110 motivated and qualified operators, in factory and on your site
  • A covered area of 10,000M2 and an exceptional level of equipment by European standards
  • An associate piping factory
  • Certifications; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 9606-1, ISO 14732

Our current fields of activity :

  • Treatment of effluents (Evaporators, Exchangers)
  • Milk dryers
  • Chemical reactors
  • Storage installations
  • Systems and CIP skids
  • Cyclones
  • Distillation columns

You are welcome for an audit, available in English or French.


Large silosLarge silos
Designed by usDesigned by us
Example of a turnkey installation carried out by usExample of a turnkey installation carried out by us