TechniSourcing, specialised in highly accurate large-scale stainless steel structures

TechniSourcing, specialised in stainless steel structuresStainless steel 316L Press 4000X4000X4000 8500KG
Tolerance 5mm between diagonals. 100% TIG welding

Stainless steel manufacturers capable of producing precisely manufactured 316L grade steel with a great finish are becoming rare and are very frequently overloaded.

For this reason, they do not do any marketing and are sometimes not easy to find. The companies who are available do not always reply and for the most part cannot provide a service that lives up to the combined geometry and surface finish requirements.

Thanks to its professional network throughout Europe, for many years TechniSourcing has recognised two factories who clearly stand out from the competition.

From our clients’ point of view, all being leaders in their respective fields, in terms of quality our supply surpasses the Eastern European standard, and even French standards.


Stainless steel; 304L, 316L, Duplex, Super Duplex, Special stainless steels

Domains of application:

Food, nuclear, water treatment, chemical, petroleum…


Your drawings are realised in their complete entirety in factories using their specialised tools and processes.

Enough time is taken to put in place an intelligent industrialisation methodology, a key focus being concentrated on possible optimisation.

Certified MIG and TIG welding. Grinded, or planed, or brushed.

CIP tests are executed with systematic detection and correction of any micro-retention of water.

Ultra-thin micro-blasting for outdoor applications, if necessary polished mirror finishes up to Ra 0,2.

CIP tube internal welding is controlled by camera to guaranty no weld porosity.

Dimensions: Up to 20M length and 10T per unit.

Quality :

Quality departments are completely independent to the fabrication teams

A TechniSourcing quality inspector specialised in European welding is on site at least once a week or every day based on the requirements of each project

Documentation is uploaded to a shared DropBox in real-time

CCPU 3.1 Outokumpu the best stainless steel specialists in the world, if not in Europe. 100% traceability.

Certifications :

Iso 9001, Iso 14001, 

Tunnel press stainless steel 316L of 19m in 3 elements. 100% TIGTunnel press stainless steel 316L of 19m in 3 elements. 100% TIG
Rectangular profiles 316L 4m 78KG - Industrial fishingRectangular profiles 316L 4m 78KG - Industrial fishing
Kneading vats 304L microblasted - BakeryKneading vats 304L microblasted - Bakery
Drainage tray 316L 100% passivated - Cheese industryDrainage tray 316L 100% passivated - Cheese industry
Stainless steel filter - AquacultureStainless steel filter - Aquaculture
316L stainless steel filter drum diameter 12m316L stainless steel filter drum diameter 12m