Two TechniSourcing factories, SKID specialists

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From redacting your specification to commissioning, TechniSourcing fabricates your skids from A to Z and puts them in place at your site

Over the years driven by the unceasing demand of major worldwide companies, TechniSourcing has developed a real competency in industrial skid fabrication. Covering the following domains:

- Injection skids

- Filtration skids

-  Mixing skids

-  Extraction skids

-  Transfer skids

-  Dosage skids

-  Alimentary skids

-  High pressure skids

To be more competitive, our factory produces its own tubes.

Our Skids are efficient:

- By batch or continuous supply

- Fluid or semi solid

- Bio, volatile, …

- Temperatures, pressures, and variable flux

We supply the full package:

- Design and 3D drawings

- Certifications include: ASME, CODAP, PED DESP 97 23, AD2000 Merkblatt conducted by notified bodies

- A complete construction file, including NDT test results, Hydrotests, conformity certificates, …

- In factory testing and full on-site commissioning