Prepare the recovery !

Prepare the recovery !

Activity is beginning to restart almost everywhere, luckily, our supplier countries have taken very quick and strict confinement measures. Throughout the confinement they have been able to continue their production, and the lifting of confinement measures has now commenced.
From today, we invite you to start preparing for this return to activity, with us. Our standard delivery time frames still apply.
Contact us on 06 32 05 34 38 or 07 86 38 88 22.
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Your stainless steel is subcontracted and manufactured in Eastern Europe…

Your stainless steel is subcontracted and manufactured in Eastern Europe…

… with our partner factories in Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal. Using a wide range of welding robots and dozens of highly skilled welders with in-house quality control.

Cuves Industrielles Technisourcing

Stainless steel tanks for fire-fighting boats - TOTAL offshore platforms

TechniSourcing delivered two stainless steel tanks, each with a capacity of 34M3. The structure was considerably reinforced to resist the waves of the North Sea.

Highly accurate stainless steel structures

Highly accurate stainless steel structures

TechniSourcing hast just delivered a stainless steel press 4000mmX4000mmX4000mm, for a total weight of 8,5 tons.

Tolerances on diagonals 2mm.

Stainless steel 316L Press 4000X4000X4000 8500KG
Tolerance 5mm between diagonals. 100% TIG welding

Highly large-scale stainless steel structures

Stainless steel manufacturers capable of producing precisely manufactured 316L grade steel with a great finish are becoming rare and are very...

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From redacting your specification to commissioning, TechniSourcing fabricates your skids from A to Z and puts them in place at your site

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